AAPS, The Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences

AAPS, Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences

Business Office: 96 East 700 South, Logan, UT 84321-5555, Phone: 435-752-7145

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Executive Board and Administration

Office Name Term E-Mail
President John Issa 2016-2018 John Issa
Junior Past President Neal Larson Concurrent Neal Larson
Vice President Ed Rigel 2017-2019 Ed Rigel
Secretary Sandy Ludlum 2017-2019 Sandy Ludlum
Treasurer Jane Murray 2016-2018 Jane Murray
1st Board Member Rick Hebdon 2017-2019 Rick Hebdon
2nd Board Member Craig Kissick 2017-2019 Craig Kissick
3rd Board Member David Kronen 2017-2019 David Kronen
4th Board Member Aaron Miller 2017-2019 Aaron Miller
5th Board Member Dr. Kirby Siber 2016-2018 Dr. Kirby Siber
6th Board Member Gary Olson 2016-2018 Gary Olson
7th Board Member Brook Ricard 2016-2018 Brook Ricard
8th Board Member Yinan Wang 2016-2018 Yinan Wang
Administrative Director George F. Winters   George F. Winters

Publicity Committee

Chair-person George Winters George F. Winters
Committee Member Paul Haman Paul Haman

Youth Committee

Chair-person Jane Murray Jane Murray
Committee Member Gary Olson Gary Olson
Committee Member Tracie Bennitt Tracie Bennitt

Publications Committee

Peter Larson (chair) President
Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Inc.
Peter Larson
George Winters (vice-chair) Administrative Director
George Winters
Kenneth Carpenter, Ph.D Director and Curator of Paleontology
Collage of Eastern Utah
Prehistoric Museum
Kenneth Carpenter
Rick Hebdon President & CEO
Warfield Fossils
Rick Hebdon
Kraig Derstler, Ph.D Associate Professor
University of New Orleans
Kraig Derstler
Angus Caroll   Angus Caroll

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Last Updated: January 12, 2018
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