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AAPS, Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences

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AAPS Membership Application

As we begin 2019, I would like to see our membership numbers grow. To accomplish this, I'm proposing an incentive program for those that have been thinking about joining.

New Members - Sign up for any membership between now and the end of 2019, and your paid membership will include 2019 and 2020. This is for new memberships only, renewals do not count. If you sign up before September 10th, you will be able to participate in our Denver meeting, receive a AAPS membership PIN and a few of our AAPS Photo Scales.

We raised the cost of membership across the board but to encourage membership, we will retian the current costs until the end of the year.

The Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences offers several Types of Membership. You can download the membership application as a PDF file. There are links below, one for the pdf file containing the application and the code of ethics, and the other for a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader that is needed to open the file on your computer. You must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer before you download our pdf files. The reader is a free download, and you can obtain a copy for either Windows or Mac format.

You must complete and sign both the Membership Application and the AAPS Code of Ethics and mail along with the appropriate annual membership dues to:

George Winters
Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences
96 East 700 South.
Logan, UT 84321-5555

Membership Types
MembershipDescriptionAnnual Dues
Business Any Commercial Paleontological Business (including Sales, Preparation, or Art), Registered Business Owner is a voting Member $60.00
Employee Employee of a Commercial Paleontological Business (Billed annually through the Business Member), Voting Member $15.00
General Any Individual with an interest in the collecting and preservation of fossils, Voting Member $45.00
Family Any Immediate Family (Spouse/Child 18 years of age or older) of a General Member. (Billed annually with the General Member) Voting Member $15.00
Club Any national, state or local mineral, fossil or natural history entity with an interest in collecting. Registered Club Member is a Voting Member $60.00
Club Member Any member of a Club maintaing a club membership with AAPS, billed directly to the member. Voting Member $15.00
Associate Open to any Academic Paleontologist or College Student (with current faculty or student ID) Non-Voting Member No Dues
Honorary Retired Business Member (Nominated by the AAPS Board and voted on by membership) Voting Member No Dues

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